Sunday, April 22, 2007

What was Shmuel's Response?

Guest Post by ed [All sic]

Shmuel and Chaya lived with their six children in a small modest home in Jerusalem. Shmuel and Chaya were each the youngest siblings from large families, and they had plenty Simchos from both sides of the families. So many in fact, that on average, it became their "one night out a week event". Thankfully, babysitting wasn't a problem, since they lived right down the block from a girls seminary. Shmuel and Chaya had both been raised in an ultra religious upbringing, and had chosen to pass their tradition down to their children. Thus although there was a wide selection of girls to choose from, Chaya sought out a girl who was fully observant, dressed modestly, and understanding to the sensitivities of an ultra religious household. Once Chaya found a suitable girl, she would seek to hold on to her as long as possible.

Being that it was the pre-every-teen-has-a-cellphone days, whenever Chaya needed "Devora" to come babysit, she would call the secretary and ask her to post a notice on the "message board" (on the old fashioned bulletin board). This method always worked.

It was the day of the wedding of Shmuel's nephew, and Chaya as usual left the message for Devora to appear at 6:30 pm. At 6:25, there was a knock on the door. The girl standing behind it was certainly not Devora. Why, she didn't even look observant! She was dressed "Ay yay yay"!!


"Hi, I came to babysit"

"Uh, What happened to Devora?"

"She left for the day, and I could use the money, so I offered to the secretary to come instead".

Chaya was in a bind. Never before had they had a non observant babysitter. Yet, it would be highly embarrassing to send her away. What should she do?!? Chaya excused herself and went to consult with her husband.


The answer will appear in a future post. In the meantime, discuss.

[Story is from Mishpacha]

To the anti-DovBear community, a small group that's been making itself heard on my blog and others this week: Ed is one of you. He is no friend of the blog, and no supporter of the sort of discussions we enjoy here. However, he asked for time on the blog and I gave it to him without hesitation (this is actually the second time Ed's appeared in this space.) Please make a note of it.

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