Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More Signs That the New York Times is a Bunch of Nazi Anti-Semites

The New York Times is at it again. Now it's the Arts section. They profile the Israeli version of "Wife Swap" and of course they discuss the episode involving a "swap" of a Jew for an Arab, where the Jewish family is particularly nasty.

Of course, this being the New York Times, it ends by reflecting on the complexity of life and the tragedy of the unbridgable gap between the faiths designed to cause the reader to nod his or her head in knowing agreement:
Mrs. Ahmed Abdullah is also preparing for the Sabbath and trying her best to remember the Jewish dietary laws. She sets the table with the family's finest linen and dishes and looks disappointed when Mr. Movsowitz says that as a non-Jew, she cannot light the Sabbath candles. When he offers her a drink of the Sabbath wine, it is her turn to decline as a Muslim.

The show's director, Roy Oz, said filming that moment was deeply moving.

"Suddenly both religions meet but at the same time cannot meet," Mr. Oz said. "You leave with something from this episode; it makes you ask questions."
Deep. Really. Except for the fact that this show is about, um, wife swapping.

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