Friday, September 02, 2005

Ted Koppel Destroys the FEMA guy

Ted Koppel had a testy exchange with FEMA's Michael Brown on Nightline last night. If I find a transcript I'll put it up.

Among the questions Brown couldn't answer (paraphrased from memory) were:

(1) Why didn't you commandeer Greyhound buses and military vehicles on Sunday to aid the evacuation? Did you really think an announcment on the news was sufficient?

(2) How is it possible that you "weren't aware" until today that close to 25,000 people had gathered at the convention center a few miles south of the Superdome?

(3) Why are you so concerned about looting? Let the people eat for heaven's sake. Stop putting property ahead of people.

(4) It's been four days. Why are people in NO still going without food and water? Why aren't portable toilets available at the Superdome and the Convention Center? Why aren't sufficient supplies present at both locations?

(5) Why are thousands of sick people still waiting to be airlifted to safety? People are dying for want of insulin and oxygyn. We have the resources to help those people. Why isn't it being done?

Video of Koppel v. Brown here. Full coverage of Katrina: Click here and scroll down