Monday, August 01, 2005

Four more pronunciational pet peeves


In the Amida: Ahta gibor l'olam (hashem) mi'chayay maysim ah-TAH, rav l'hoshiya.
The problem: We're not saying "you are (ie: ahtah) rav 'l'hoshiya;" we're saying "mi'chaye maysim you are," thus: mi'chaye maysim AH-tah

In the Reader's Amida: borchaynu ba'vrocha (pause) ha'me'shuleshes ba'torah...
The problem: The blessing does't appear three times in the Torah. It's a triple blessing that appears once. The pause muddles the meaning.

In the begining of shabbos shachris: kol divrei shiros v'sishbochos (pause, pause, cough, pause) dovid ben yishai, avdecha m'sheeshacha.
The problem: The words in the songs and the praises were written by David. With all the extra pauses that meaning is muddled.

Birchas hatorah: Borchee es Heshem hamivorach
The problem: I am not sure what borchee means ("bless me?"); but borichu means "we should bless."

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