Thursday, June 02, 2005

Will the real Lazer Brody make himself known?

Sometimes we’re jealous of Lazer Brody the commando Rabbi cum spiritual guru. He gets to wake up, have a smoke, file whatever rambling craziness is on his mind, and then get on with the next 23 hours of his day. Yesterday's post on the subject of Messiah- in which Lazer determines that global warming, galciers, and underwater volacanos are proof positive that the end is nigh- drives home the point that everyone from Daniel to The Rambam has made: it is not proper to speculate on the time and manner of the coming of the Messiah, because errors in such predictions cause people to lose faith in the messianic idea and in Judaism itself:
...we had better understand the language of what's occurring under the Antarctic ice this very minute. We are now receiving a wake-up call from Heaven; anyone that can't smell Moshiach on the way needs an urgent ear nose and throat checkup
The really odd thing about Lazer's new and exciting doomsday prophesy is that just two months ago, Lazer himself believed such speculation was wrong:
Maybe speculation about the coming of the Messiah would make interesting betting in Las Vegas, but it adds nothing to a person's love of G-d, fear of G-d, Torah scholarship, soul development, and/or spiritual awareness. So why speculate? Why give yourself a broken heart by being disappointed when your expected Moshiach due date becomes just another day?