Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Poppy on the Pope

George H.W. Bush on the Pope:

"When it came time for Desert Storm, I got a lovely, heartfelt telegram from him, pleading for a peaceful way to settle the differences with Iraq. At bottom, I had to respectfully disagree with his view—I believed, and I told him, that we had to use force to end the brutalities being inflicted on Kuwait, but he spoke with great heart and great hope.

The pope will be sorely missed in this troubled world. Sorely missed."

Ok, let's see if I have this straight, Mr. Bush: You ignored his counsel, paid no attention to his directives, and rejected his moral teachings. Yet, you'll "sorely" miss him? Why? When he was alive he might as well have been dead given the deference you paid to his point of view.

The Pope opposed the death penalty in all instances. He was a fierce critic of capitalism and globalization, and he strongly opposed both Bush wars. Almost everything he tried to do for this "troubled world" was undermined or fought by the Bush family. So, tell me again, what exactly, about the Pope, are you going to miss?