Thursday, March 10, 2005

Congress Says "To Hell with the heimish"

I was shopping for a heimish car(1) in a heimish 'hood(2) from a heimish salesman(3) at a heimish dealer(4) when the man asked about my credit rating.

It's perfect, I said.

Heimish salesmen don't scream out incredulous profanities, but I could tell from his face that he was thinking of an eight-letter-word for "I doubt you." He took my social security number, tapped on his computer, came back and said:

Sorry for calling you a liar in my head, but so many youngermen(5) come in here with horrible credit. They get free credit cards, from these unscrupulous credit card companies and they just go wild running up debt.

Well, those guys are screwed, aren't they?

1 Ford Windstar
2 Boro Park
3 He called himself Rabbi Rosenberg, and he pulled on his beard a lot.
4 Rent a Wreck
5 A heimish shopper