Sunday, January 02, 2005


I'll go for the awards banquet but I refuse to do the winner's kickline

You probably already know this, but the JIB Awards are open for nominations. They start here.

I am humbled and gratified to see that my off-the-derech brother YitzhakEyezik has already been nominated for an award (by me, of course, but so what?) and I have my fingers crossed hoping that 2 or 3 people might actually like this blog enough to nominate it in the "Best Blog With a Redundant Title" category.

Update:I have become bitter and also resentful having realized that those blogs owned by Hollywood, Rupert Murdoch, and the Satmar Collective (Bloghd, ChayyeiSarah, RenReb, UrbanKvetch Jack-a-doodle) are much more likely to win than I am.

But seriously, the above are all great blogs, and you should definitely read them, and probably vote for them. But if you do vote for those excellent but controlled-by-Satan blogs, you might want to think about donating a few buck to the good folks at IsraellyCool, because the contest does take a toll on their bandwidth costs, and it's not like they are independently wealthy or anything (unlike the bloggers noted above, who receive seven-figure salaries from Murdoch and the Satmar for their efforts).

So, if you want to vote for RenReb, go right ahead -- but it will cost you a $50 donation to IsreallyCool. A vote for Urban Kvetch will set you back $25. However, voting for this blog will remain free. Yeah, that's the ticket.

And if I've violated some law by suggesting that you have to pay to vote for blogs other than this one, it was all Yehuppy's idea (more or less).

Hey, Hey, Hey! I got nominated in two categories. Cool beans. And that's in addtion to the one nomination I gave myself (for best series: those Christmas posts deserve to be read by somebody) So thanks very much to whoever put the good word in for me, and when the voting starts don't forget this blog's key distinctive competance: we're not controlled by Satan.

We're also hungry for additional nominations. So don't be shy.