Wednesday, December 08, 2004


John Prescott the Deputy PM of Great Britain, (queston: Is that like our Vice President? Or does he have real responsibilities?) has been accused of discriminating against a leading Jewish lawyer. (answer: in the Dick Cheney-era the vice president has loads of responsibilities, thank you very much. The guy with nothing to do is the president.)

Sarah is pining for boots. If she's super-fantastic enough for boots like that, we want her phone number. And plane fare. Now.

Best seasonal name award goes to the author of this piece.

Fosterboy has gone to the great big blogspot in the sky. We assume it's because they went delinquent on their franchise fees. Bad move. Mo breaks thumbs.

And did you mean "I Love Jesus?" Gawker has discovered that, much like the Jews and the Communists, Google can be insiduous, too.

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