Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another violation of Kotel norms - but the Haredim ignore it.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is in Jerusalem and today he visited the Western Wall. No one blinked. Should they have? Well, yes. Given the extreme greeting the Women of the Wall have received from Charedim who claim that they wish only to protect the sanctity of the place, its fair to ask why a man wearing a purple dress was permitted to stand at the Wall for close to ten minutes praying - presumably to Jesus - without proviking any Charedi response. What happened to their standards? Their morals? Is it wrong for a person to apear at the kotel wearing clothing that belongs to the opposite gender, or not? Is it wrong for a person to pray at the kotel in an UnOrthodox fasion, or not?

But there stands the Archbishop, skirts aflutter, worshiping Jesus, in full view of Haredim like the one standing behnd him, and no one cares. Why?

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